Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Very Merry Un-berth day to you...

Below you will find proof that its just not me that is the crazy one...I have a leader and I follow his guidelines approximatly so so....
( I have changed his S/N to protect him from other would be followers..lets just call him......"J"...

Googly: I’d need to get picked up by a preferably sober driver
Googly: or i can take a cab if it's close
Googly: :-)
DarknissDarkniss: sober shurrly you..wait what???
Googly: what's there to do down there?
Googly: drink, beaches, and strip clubs?
DarknissDarkniss: Yeah
DarknissDarkniss: bring money
DarknissDarkniss: Aint no one gonna foot your ugly ass
Googly: my bank account reads EA344ddkf for my balance
DarknissDarkniss: well that’s good I guess in fantasy world
Googly: and I have a visa black card
Googly: no limit
Googly: no questions.
DarknissDarkniss: Visa Black?
Googly: oh yeah.
Googly: POWER
DarknissDarkniss: I have a corp card I don’t pay
Googly: they know I’m good for it.
DarknissDarkniss: I had a black visa once
DarknissDarkniss: it was more of a black market visa
Googly: heh
Googly: your bill reads:
Googly: Undisclosed Weapon Expenditures 30000.00
Googly: Lung 40000.00
DarknissDarkniss: Well its not THAT vague...they do offer a expandable plus symbol that shows how much of a tip I leave, it showed up when I moved that Haitian kids kidney thru Botswana customs.

I got curios about this whole Visa Black I looked it up to find this:

DarknissDarkniss: No matter how simple or complicated your request might be, our Concierge Service covers it: from flowers to chocolates, balloons, tailoring, laundry services… the list goes on. We aim to bring you nothing but the best!

Googly: nice
DarknissDarkniss: Yes Hi..Hello? Visa Black?... Yes…I would like to order Chinese midget hooker with a harelip and a peg leg for my sons bar mitzvah ..oh and a half dozen jelly donuts
Googly: "would you like the hooker to arrive with the donuts, or separately sir?"
DarknissDarkniss: I would like the donuts in the midget, please
Googly: :-)
Googly: so when can i come down?
DarknissDarkniss: Oh BTW I am a transsexual with a crippling speech impediment & chronic halitosis. I do not do well in social settings, so if you would be so kind to tether the midget to the lamp post outside the hospital where I will be undergoing my 26th surgery on my spiritual and physical journey to purity, I would appreciate it.
DarknissDarkniss: How about October 1st ish..?
Googly: that's doable i think
Googly: that's Halloween in Salem though
Googly: I can check dates
Googly: and have my secretary get back to you.
DarknissDarkniss: Halloween is the 31st in the United States of America you commie!!!
DarknissDarkniss: Oh and if you could have your secretary do some other things for me I would appreciate that as well
Googly: keep in mind "she" is a transsexual with a crippling speech impediment & chronic halitosis
DarknissDarkniss: Then it would seem that I am working for you now is it?
DarknissDarkniss: is it?

Im not crazy head..too alone...

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Needtsza said...

I think it's more that you have provided proof of something we already knew; you have fucked up friends too

At 11:02 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

hey I resemble that remark

Crazy and clever fools, the lot of ya.

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous samsarahipster said...

Oh where oh where can yoda be? Oh where oh where be she? Not talking in typing messages much now yes? Sad, missing her letter words I am. Shame says I.

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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