Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just Lean Back Now

Over the last few...well since August 13 2005, I have tried and tried again to relay a simple message. I hope that you have seen fit to understand what that message is.
It's there amongst the 76,896,000 seconds that have passed by since we first met. We have eaten and drank through 890 days and if you've been attentive and had your thinking cap on...the clarity of it all is evident.
It is not so hidden that with a few hurried and definite cleansing brush strokes you would not see how very bright it is.
With all this being said or translated for you... and with the hope that I hold for you, I offer a challenge...I take that back: I offer a reward, a monetary supplemental offering for the one person that can convincingly express what that message is. I would think that a paragraph would suffice. The amount will be directly proportional to the quality of response.

CBT Inc.

Contest ends April 1st 2008.
Same Canadian Rules apply

At 10:21 AM, Blogger honeykbee said...

I don't have much time left, now that I've spent my commenting time reading back through the archives so I will say this quickly... it's about family and dwindling sanity and the juxtaposition of real life and your limitless imagination.


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