Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aint he so cute?

Well its been exactly 3 years to the day when CBT has inspired many and scolded few.
Here I sit again listening to German Streaming Techno...well, let's not say again but rather for the first time.
Looking back at the 1st post that I made, I still agree with my believes. That's good right? So lets see what all has happened (and Yes I have been drinking and eating things...little roundy things)

Made peace.
Moved a bunch, about to embark again.

The real reason behind this is that I find drinking and writing to go hand in bottle...

Ok maybe since this is making less and less sense I should stop, and start again.
But since you know about it, please raise a glass and say happy happy for CBT and Me.

Outside of living, I aint ever did anything for 3 years....
till now...

Ok more drinks