Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Feigning Interest & Hidden Agendas...

I like that phrase "feigning interest", I think I have it mastered.

The power that you can hold over someone, if they think you are honestly listening to them is unbelievable.

Which in itself is an amazing concept because if you (like me) are a master of it, the second party can never be quite sure if you really are or not. Kind of in the same way you can never prove that you have never been hypnotized..These two concepts are not that different if you think about it.

It does take work mind you, you do have to listen for key phrases and watch expressions as they come and go, the general and occasional affirming nod will never do; and is a tell tale sign of a rookie feigner. Which will inevitably lead to the the dreaded question of "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!?!"... But when coupled with other more advanced techniques "the nod" can be a rock solid form which no one can deny, and if done correctly can not be denied.

When Feigning you must be vigilant in your lack of attention whilst keeping abreast of sudden changes in the "Feignies" face. A raised eyebrow denotes, a psychological pause of the "Feignies" speech and demands a retort on your part. A simple double eyebrow lift from you, further propels them into deeper monologue and leaves you more time to think about important things like, if you should replace the cat litter today or if it can last another week.

The above is but one drop in the hundreds of techniques I use on a daily biases for keeping my hidden agenda alive and well, when dealing with the cattle of the world, I sit here right now typing, wondering if I should tell you more about the art of feigning, and the methods deployed in such...But then again, why would I want someone out there better than me?...And too, the damn cat litter stinks, well maybe not that bad yet.