Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. it’s the side of a Tampax box…

While using this product you can still enjoy all your favorite activities:
A round of golf, a lazy day of fishing, bowling a perfect 300…having your ass kicked by Jackie Chan?

Normally I am anti-product endorsement, brand marketing, brand stretching, and logo enforcement,so much so that I make every effort not to expose any labels on my clothes... and in a sense when it comes to the XaviX I still am, HOWEVER, one of the systems expansion pacts actually includes: a scales and has a body health monitoring.

And when it comes the obese American public; if anything can get us motivated to get up and do anything it’s an electronic thing that plugs in and makes a whirring noise (G.C.), we don't fully understand and will most likely start an instafad cyberyoga club...I hate people.

So outside my better judgment check this out: X