Friday, November 17, 2006

Suits for the Suits

Let me preface this by saying that I whole heartily abhor the corporate machine.
It is with only the occasional open eyes that I notice that I am indeed a cog in the wheels of consumer glue which binds us together, and I feel a sudden pang to leave this country with all speed.
It is however the same eyes which gloss over and veil cover themselves at the sight (blatant or otherwise)of shiny objects which are produced by the machine. Which is to say that I am in a constant state of acceptable disbelief of what is presented to me.

With this all being said:
Save the McRib!
Some very big Anti-Marketing Marketing dollars are being spent on Saving the McRib sandwich, which I highly doubt is in any danger of being killed off. However it is that the spin on this superbly cataclysmic colon bomb is being spun...I urge you to join forces with me in saving the gelatinousness greatness of this tasty once a year treat. I hate myself for knowingly being blinded, and yet obeying what is an obvious marketing campaign to even further bolster and pad the pockets of the executives in power, but I am unwilling to take the chance that this really could be the final year of the pig... type stuff on a bun... Anyway I am number 46,966 in the the rally to prolong and empower them'll join me wont you? Please...I need them to come back next year..Please?