Monday, October 09, 2006

Thas lil' piggie

We (the proverbial "we" that is) will oft times try and lash out at those whom we may envy and yet secretly admire, due in part to the fact that we can not all be number one at any particular time. This is most likely do to a lack of talent or ability, a void in someone of such capacity; that the only way to rectify this misunderstood feeling would be to reenact a childhood defense mechanism. A rudimentary form of name calling coupled with less than a 15 year old child’s expanded vocabulary.

Of which can lead to such the example I offer.

So I suppose it is high time to introduce my nomination, per one faceless tart's vote:
I present to you all the only proof needed in its entirety:

“Johnnyheckler" had this to spout.

Johnnyheckler said...
Wow, I can't believe they leave swill like this up for so long. Strange, I though there were standards. 2:50 PM

1st: we have: A statement of astonishment “Wow I can’t believe..”

Johnny seems to be a non believer... but of what I wonder? Is he a non believer in the “They”…who is “they”, again I am filled with conjecture of just what Johnny means.

2nd :If we are to believe that Mr. Heckler has come to terms with what his beliefs are. The next concept in need of clarification would be “swill”, is the meaning of this a reference to pig slop?

Using IF/THEN logic, I would state that Mr. H would be one that would enjoy the slop that was offered. If referring to the slop as such, J.H. must have taken pleasure in it. He proves this logical conclusion; I offer furthermore, He wanted to be included in with the slop, by leaving his abstract thoughts for others to read. Finalizing his love of the slop, with the notation of the length of time this “slop” has been around…he must been keeping a watchful eye on his beloved slop.

3rd: and perhaps most importantly Mr. J. Heckler is so impassioned by the strangeness of what is going on with his beloved slop and the ever elusive “they” that he forgets himself and put spelling on a back burner. When speaking about “standards” in the last and obviously most crucial aspect of his statement to the world he forgets that the standard for the word “thought” is to place a “T” at the end of the word.

Maybe…Just Maybe “They” took the T, because without it the word “THEY” would just “HEY”…Wow…”Hey” does work in this sense. Check out this statement, if I lose the “T” from the standard american alphabet…. “Hey why not shu he fuck up Mr. JohnnyHeckler and put a real fucking link under your rearded pseudonym?”…nope…need that letter “T” when trying to slam someone…ShiTbag.