Friday, June 22, 2007

Malbano Frato

Of the things that I think about when I am mentally musing about my west coast brother's life; it is the fact that he and I quietly share one thing (I think we do anyway)
We both look at the people as if they are there for our amusement. Not in a "I'm better than you way" although sometimes as it's blatantly obvious, but more of sense that we both somehow are put into extraordinarily odd situations which mandate a certain regard for the awe of humanity. He by nature is a reporter turned tattooed real estate tycoon, and for me, it really hasn't been decided, yet I honestly feel we both are either thrust into the odd or we are on auto pilot to crash into the strange. And we each make notes in our own way and relive the insanity to our closest friends.
This really hit home when reading his notations on a recent trip he took to the lone star state, It was at the same time I myself was in the land of cotton or peanuts or what ever it is they grow in TN. I travel quite a bit in the deep south and most of the time the stereotypes are founded. And I oft time find myself changing both my accent and vocabulary to fit the surrounding.

Standing in the lobby of the only hotel offered in the town I was staying, awaiting the desk clerk's attention, I turned 180 degrees around to see the above picture.
A fully stocked beer cooler in the workout room. This in of it self was odd and photo worthy and so it was taken.

The tooth impaired bolder sized breasted hotel clerk appeared as I turned back around. I made light conversation about the area and weather and general questions, the type you ask while waiting for your credit card to clear.
What I wasn't prepared for was the following:

"TheresYawalmart upin tawn"

OK... processing....if I carry the one?...nope does not compute...lets try again...OK Breastzilla has just answered my question, I think...Wait what?

I tried again, maybe it was me: "Any good places to eat around here?"

"Didntchaharme? Theresyawalmart upin tawn"

I took my room key and left.