Tuesday, May 01, 2007

KLATOO... VERATA...NECTtphhhhhhhhhh...

Glenn A. Britt
President & Chief Executive Officer
Time Warner Cable Inc.
Time Warner Cable Inc.
290 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT 06092

Dear Sir:

As I am sure that you are an extremely busy person I fear this communication may fall on deaf ears. However as one of the millions of people that utilize your company’s services I would like to point out something that happened to me.
I tried to sign up for an automatic payment draft as to not get behind on my bill and after speaking with the Wilmington NC call center it was brought to my attention that I had entered my account information incorrectly; which I take full responsibility for. I made a mistake and should be charged accordingly.
However the bill that I received showed that a credit of $0.01 had been posted to my T.W.C. account drafted from my bank account, an account that could not have been correct seeing as I made a mistake in entering my bank account information.
So a payment of one cent was entered into my T.W.C. account from a non-existing account and then somehow returned to a non-existing account and I was charged $27.00 for this non-service. I was told that the penny was posted to my account ‘in good faith” BEFORE actually verifying that the account was there and the data was accurate.
This inaccurate information verification and miscommunication has taken my normal bill of $8.77 and turned it into a $71.56 charge.

Another way to look at this would be to say, that somehow the people in your employ have the ability to create money, and in good faith give it to your customers. I am not quite sure how they are doing this but I would love to know the secret of magic money creation. And I am sure that as the C.E.O you would like to know as well so as to update your portfolio to include the magical arts industry.

Wilmington NC

I'm snail mailing this letter wednesday morning, lets see what happens...