Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The drawbacks and downside to these types, (humans) greatly depends on one factor.

Taking the time to wander down to my local library, I decided to research the topic in greater detail. Feelings of wanting the absolute truth dis-wayed me against thumbing thru the regular volumes on the subject, taking a fresh approach might just be the ticket to my salvation.

What I discovered was quite shocking, not in the conventional sense but more so in the manner of true amazement. And not even in the solution (which is amazing in and of itself) but, where I found the answer, it really gave pause for reflection.

On the third shelf from the bottom, in the remedial reading section, I spied a wide spine book with a catchy title: "All of which you thought you could know" Written by RJ. Donage.
Granted quite the tongue twister of a title for someone with below average reading skills.
As I opened the book, the spine crackled as if for the first time in many years.

Contained within this text of what I only estimate to be a 200 page book, was a single phrase, typed over and over again, a mathematical equation that aids in concluding the simplest solution, when trying to deal with these types. As simple as the answer is; it is often overlooked, quickly forgotten and under used.... yet once you hear or read it, is quite easy to remember, if you find it somewhat difficult to retain you might employ a pneumonic device to recall it, when needed. What device that may be is entirely up to you.

I doubt that RJ. Donage ever had much of a career as a writer but the message contained within the one book by Mr.(s) Donage has made my life such an easier place to live in, and I thank him (or her) for taking the time to pass along the following:

Open mouth = Hated individual.

Thank You.