Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pocket Dialer

In and around this hole:
3 quick quips.

Got a phone call the other night from some number that I didnt V/M so I called it...had a 2 minute phone convo about nothing trying to find out if they wanted ended with the girl "Kim" asking me if I had any Crack.

Was walking thru the store the other day and I noticed a girl staring intensley at the shelves, as if she was debating on something but she just kept staring...she had 2 items in her cart, a potato masher and hot dog relish, I just had to ask her if she had completed the shopping list she was holding, she laughed nervously and said "no". I saw her 30 minutes later, she had added a 3 pack of bungee cords to the other 2 items in her basket.

I was called a "regular" today...I was at a store I frequent..and I was called a "regular"...I didn't care for that comment, cause I didnt take it like eveyone else would have....You can do the math.