Wednesday, December 27, 2006 I did start the fire...

If you're in the know..then you're in the's a picture of someone when not in the know:

Was it a down low dirty trick to "suggest" to my brother's girlfriend that she should trick her soon to be naval officer new life full steam ahead old life behind him boyfriend that she was pregnant, and do it in such a manner as to have everyone including his parents and all his best friends be willing participants and that she was going to do this on Christmas morning by presenting him with a WORLD'S BEST DAD bib and multiple colored booties, and both watch and photograph the blood run from his face and the worst case scenarios simultaneously transpire in his head... all because he decided to fill my house with extremely loud and annoying battery operated flashing lights and siren screaming plastic gifts for my 4 year old... Maybe.

Am I looking forward to the retaliation? Absolutely.