Thursday, February 22, 2007

Californian Dreaming

My brother sent me of a list of 100 things he had compiled about himself, a kind of "thus-far" self check if you will. Reading it made me want to start my own; with this in mind I humbly offer the first 10 of my list for your review.

I have tons of friends (such a great friend am I; most don't even know I exist)

I can read your mind within moments of meeting you (it helps that I read your mail 1st)

I am spectacular in bed (I can out dream anyone and am willing to prove it)

I am fantastic at time management (I totally understand how my watch works)

I possess cat like reflexes (this, constitutes a lot of eating & stretching)

Hollywood paparazzi follow me endlessly (see dream comment)

My sense of humor is incomparable (insert joke here)

I tend to repeat myself (due in part to my cat like eating habits)

Woman want me (to leave...directly after my pants hit the floor)

I love to hear the people laugh.