Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Can you spare a minute?

Something hit home the other day: Peoples time isn't worth anything, not one red cent. Mathmatically speaking that is...staying alive for any great length of time is finacially impossible: I will let the following chineese arithmetic do all my talking for me.

Job: 40,000 a year
Divided by 52 weeks a year equals: $769.23 per week
Divided by 5 work days a week, =s: $153.84 per day
Divided by 8 hour per day, equals: $ 19.23 per hour
Divided by 60 minutes per hour: $ 0.32 per minute
Divided by 60 seconds per minute: $ 0.005 per second

It takes 20 seconds of your working life to earn 1 single solitary penny.

So the next time a boss asks if you can they can "borrow you for minute"
It would be economically better for you if you made them wait 10 minutes before you made any kind of motion whatsoever...

Oh...I almost forgot...the numbers used above are pre tax dollars...Go ahead, hold your breath till your blue in the face...that takes around 2 minutes ...thats about sixty four cents worth of air, but breathe easy chikadee....think about this way the next time you step over past a penny, just think if you picked it up, you would have more time on your hands...

I rest my case.