Monday, August 14, 2006

Double O Nobody

Not unlike trying prove the existence Barmanus's American cousin using nothing more than shaky 8mm films, I have a quest & I have evidence..but my proof is just as shaky and I've not much to go on..the bane of my interweb life is a someone whom I may never meet and so the search for (s)he who I seek will for now remain a mystery:...Yet I shall not be detered!!!

Over the last year we here at C.B.T Inc. have compiled a list of what we know so far.

We know so far that "Anonymous":

*Is forgetfull of humorous pixle compilations.
*Speaks a minimum of 3 languages and telephone?
*Seems to think they are related to a blog.
*Believes I am not to be sexually believed.
*Seems to enjoy bad poetry.
*Thinks Blogpages can fly intoxicated.
*Has deep rooted grammatical measurment spelling issues.
*Also thinks blogs can speak.
*Loves and wants to eat me.

Over the past year "Anonymous" has left several revealing tell tale statements of their personality, we are trying to piece together a visual map of their appearance.
If anyone out there has any information that would lead us to revealing the identity of this occasional apparition, please leave a comment.

Below, please find our finding that we found...Look...just help us out would ya?

Anonymous Has Said:

"Someone loves you...and its ME!
MUAH...mmm tasty

Las palabras para explicar a un Tío bebido Munchy:

El tío Munchy es malo a mí. El siempre grita en mí. El no quiere el hecho que soy un planificador y él no es. No hay nada que puedo hacer para hacer Tío Munchy feliz

There is one disadvantage to flying drunk....Thats when they put you in an exit row.

That was the sweetest poem ever written.

You are fuckin unbelievable!!

Где Вы придумываете это? Вы записали количество неправильно

what about Height and Heighth

Has anyone ever told you that you have a very sexy voice?

Maybe you could try talking to your friends, just a thought... brother.

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That was so funny, I forgot who's page I had browsed to for a moment...