Monday, May 29, 2006

Bum Bum Bum Bum De Bum Bum De Bum...

It's not often that I expel to ya'll anything to do with my personal life, but this one just couldn’t pass by unrecognized...or mentioned...anywhichway...just read

I must confess that this is not the only place that I jot down my thoughts... I will oft spill prose in such places as... bar napkins..stall PDA...a leather bound journal...the inside of airplane vomit bags (un-used of course, although not recommended; they being coated in wax, very hard to pen anything).
To me, my writings are like family members, a "someone" that I created...that I have come to know letter by letter...a children.

All of the aforementioned devices have served me well, whilst I bounce from port to port extending my family....however its my PDA that comes in most handy when I am flying Inebria-Air. Its quick to start and I find that the auto word guesser filler inner thing makes for a humorous game while I am "typing", one letter at time with my busted tipped metal stylus. Alas it is with a heavy heart I inform you...that I lost 4 of my mind wandering thoughts, 4 Paragraphs of text never to be recovered...4 entries of mine that have gone gone the way of the Dodo, all because I for the life of me could not remember the F'ing password that I put on it 2 days prior. So I had to do a full reset and in essence kill my own mental children. It was something that had to be done. I cant look back, I have to move on...I have to keep on living....keeping only their digital memory alive. The feelings of not wanting to lose any more of my kinfolk prompted me to copy and repaste a comment on I left with a fellow Blogegue's
(blog + collegue...and yes I just copyrighted that term...)..So with no further adue, I am pleased to introduce to you the newest member of my family...Live strong Comment numba 129!

"I want a content censor bleeper for my personal use...something integrated into my voice box..bluetooth maybe...wireless technochocolate super reverse engineered curse canceling headphone jacks...I guess I just like that bluuuuop noise..."

Isn't she just adorable?......choochie choochiecoo..lil' puddinpop