Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hell Finally Does It !!!

In a startling new turn of events global warming and polar ice have somehow begun to coexist.

In the lazy town of St. Petersburg Florida quite an extraordinary anomaly has occurred. Both record high temperatures and polar ice caps have begun to form. Satellite imagery (shown below) proves the existence of both extremes of the thermodynamic range at the same time.

Local Meteorologist’s are stunned by this wild turn of events. And most will offer no reasonable explanation, until more information has been gathered. The entire scientific community is in awe of this spectacular event.
Many of the area churches have begun holding 2 nightly masses and emergency candle light sermons.

Oddly enough the source of the extraordinary freezing temperatures has been linked to a major electricity surge that occurred around 12:00pm Tuesday June 18, 2008.

Peter M Scott III: Progress Energy Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer:
"We are not sure what caused the rolling black outs, however when can say that we have localized it to one area of St. Pete’, directly surroundinga Retirement Community just off of 1st street."

Click on photo for a closer look of where authorities believe the disturbance to have originated from.

St. Petersburg Florida Mayor Rick Baker

was overheard saying “this is just another phase of global warming and to just sit back and enjoy our many local attractions.. and to let the local officials sort out the details”

What ever the cause of this current situation, we here at CBT think that when all is said and done that there will be one man to blame for this, who that is well...that has been yet to be determined.

So until next time, one bit of advice for all you Floridians out there...Pull out your shorts and put on your parkas!