Monday, October 31, 2005

Penny for your thoughts on a Dirty Crime

I once read a theory on being wealthy:
It went something along the lines of
"If one has a single penny they can not be considered wealthy"
But what say you; a person has 100 million pennies, would they then be considered wealthy?
Which is to say that to get to 100 million you would have to start with one penny right? What ever the number is which equates "wealth" in your mind you would need to proceed from a single penny.
So even if a subjects' idea of wealth was for example was 1 dollar, well you can not achive that goal with out that final penny, which oddly enough could also be considered the first one...
Would this then be the truest example of "the sum of its parts are greater then the whole" Or in juxtapose a weird parallel of "the same difference"?

If I was to take the facts of this mathmatical issue into another section of life or at least life on this planet..
At what point is a pile of dirt considered a moutian?
If I was to walk atop a moutian and scoop up a handfull of dirt does it cease to be a moutian? Does it then revert back to a mere pile of dirt?
Which is to say..what if it was not a hand full of dirt? What say you if it was one single granule of dirt? A pile or Moutian?

The obvious solution would be that its all a matter of perception:
That's how we get thru life, we adjust our perceptions to accomidate or lives to make our brains say "who gives a shit?" If a penny makes you wealthy or if a hand full of dirt makes a moutian...
In essence it boils down to "It's only a tiny amount of anything"

Since you are reading this I would think that you might to agree that sometimes the smallest things in the world do matter...since you just like me were at one point no bigger than a speck of dirt and maybe just for a minute nothing in the world could compare to how much you were worth.

So I guess the crime thats being committed here would be that we dont take the time to think about what it took for something to become something...
Which I think this is sad... because before we know it,
We all will be nothing more than a pile of dirt with people stepping over us like a tailside penny...

All Hallows Eve everyone...