Thursday, April 26, 2007

...and reach 2,3.4..and hold..2,3.4

OK, not unlike getting a swat for not listening; my webtor (web mentor) is wagging a digital finger at me in disappointment for not not posting as of late. I only have one reason, not an excuse but reason for not posting. And before proceeding I must beg of you kind reader not to empathize with me or at least not to express concern while imbibing the next sentence. The reason that I haven't posted is that my father had a stroke and I was attending the ICU in New Jersey for the past week. With that said I have proven to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that I have valid reasoning for the stagnation.

So thus I present the following.

During my trip to the state of cease pools and concrete. I noticed something that I truly wanted to share with ya'll: its the picture seated atop this very page; if for nothing else it really states something about the human condition.
This picture was taken in the last hotel room available.
This situation of the photo states very simply "do not use this as a clothes hanger"
This was imprinted on a 8 foot high ceiling.
What made me do a double take was the fact that I took this picture in a hotel room specifically designed for someone in a wheel chair...