Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holy Holy Ho

Time for a holiday treat:

Yippee Diddly Dippity Doo
Fresh plastic blister packs scent anew

Grandmas dried turkey & over done beans
Sweaters that don't fit & stains on your jeans

Uncle whomever has drunk most the wine
3rd cousin whatshernuts, looking just fine

In come the neighbors with a platter of cheese
Doesn't quite equal what they did to your trees

Now there goes cousin holding back tears
Remembering something after all these years?

Oh look there, someone gathering wood for the fire
While Drunk Uncle begins to shout "that she's a fat liar!"

Grandma's hip goes out, and she flips the table...
falls into the wall and rips out the cable

There goes the bird & there goes the game
Almost every year its almost exactly the same

Someone looses a tooth or blackens an eye
All because of paying tribute to some holy guy

Holiday parties will never change or veer
So I wish you good luck and a happy new year.

Yet one bit of advice before I leave your gaze
You should tend to your Uncle, as he's set himself ablaze...

D.G. @ C.B.T Inc.
Copy write 2006