Saturday, November 19, 2005

Regional Dialect Spell Checker

Regardless of what you may or may not be aware of in your life, one thing will hold true of mine. I am a horrific speller. I know this. I dont care.

1. I refuse to learn how to put things into their gramatical correctness.

2. I abhore the fact that I continually spell things wrong (according to the masses),
and yet I will never make any attempt to make the choice to fix this catch 22.

3. I over and under use the comma to get rid of the green underline thing in MSWORD.

4. I have no idea what colons or semi colon's are suppose to do, outside of fixing
that green underline thing.

5. I honestly dont care about the ownership of a nouns property wheather
its..'S or...S'..or just plain S. It makes no difference to me.
I understand what I'm saying.

6. I use the wrong words entirely. See item line item #5. I neither know nor care
if the 12th word is spelled or even used correctly.

7. I often times will not use an apostrophy in the word dont, because not using it
does not change the words meaning. As a matter of fact, all the letters are there
and no one will stop reading a memo because of the lack of a inverted angled dash.

8. I have always had trouble with transposing letters in the word Does..I will always
type and handwrite the word dose..and vice versa..just now as I typed these lines
concerning the 2, I inverted them 4 times as I was trying to explain
the difference.

9. Line item #8 drives me up a wall, because you cant say "easy dose it"...well I
I Suppose you could..but not very often. It would'nt make any sense outside of
medicinal applications. But the opposite doesn't work at all, you cant say "take
one does of this in the morning"...So this brain lapse in lettering closeness
drives me insane.

10. I will capitolize words in the middle of a sentence if they seem to be important,
or I feel they have some intrinzic value.

I guess my whole point would be that I have always be a verbal person, I am well spoken. I know a whole lot of words. And when I speak to you, the fact remains that I dont have a red or green line underlining my voice, telling me Im wrong. Because you get the jist of what I am saying by my tone and the occasional use of the mid air "Cobra Fangs Cobra Fangs" to emphasize a point. I have always said (to myself at least) that "It's not in the details but the meaning". The same holds true on the written word, you get the idea of what is being said. Its all in how something is said the feel of the deal... Getting a word wrong here and there isnt going to change the meaning of a book...Well maybe the Bible.