Thursday, October 19, 2006

Take 2 of th..thats gross get out of my office.....

30 Days later….

I have a theory that is largely based on the small stature of a certain person who for now, we will call “Bruce”:

Just 30 days ago a suspicious person is seen in the first picture making a “phone call”… and a mere 4 weeks
Later I am inflicted with an ailment of epic optical proportions.

Although I have no rock solid evidence, please allow my conjecture concerning currently contracting conjunctivitis close to the provable truth.

If say a person of said a smaller stature was only able to lift 1 pound, while I being of a normal size could pick up 4 pounds. It stand to logic that when applying Einstein’s theory relativity coupled with a conglomerate of thoughts concerning size times width equaling the square root of ∏, I say that that the oddity of these two pictures being taken exactly 30 days (4 weeks) apart divided by “Bruce’s” height surmises that I have been deliberately injected with a viral strain infection!

I rest my case..