Thursday, April 03, 2008

Now...Downward Facing Dog...and...Hoooold.....ZIPPPPP

This is not news to some, maybe just to me...
I started thinking (while standing in a gas station, waiting to pay)
I saw a gift card for gas:
Thoughts In order:
  • 1st: Cool, give the gift of fuel in these tough times.
  • 2nd: These gas prices keep going gift unless used right away is going to be worth less fuel then when I bought it...strange
  • 3rd: What the fuck is with all these gift cards everywhere, clothes stores, super markets, gas stations, super stores, Quic-kee marts? Who in the hell gives someone a gift card to 7-11?
  • Why are these everywhere? Follow the money, who would benefit?
  • So you give your cash money to some corporation you get a piece of plastic, they have your money, they deposit your money in their bank, they earn interest on your money, your gift card recipient hold on to it for X amount of time, all the while they are earning money on your money.
  • At the same time, the corporation is buying things to sell and making a profit (all for that, no issues, good business plan) however they are now able to buy things with the money that you have freely given them to earn interest on, so in reality they are buying things for EVEN less or even for free, and selling them back to you or in this case your friend, wherein they make another profit...And they don't even give you your change...
  • I wonder how many gift cards are out there, with 1 and 2 dollars "change" left over, just sitting in their bank earning interest....hmmmm
The long and short of it is, that you would be better off financially if you took the time to get your gift recipient an actually gift...its worth more and in a lot of ways.

But what do I know?

Fresh Camel for sale...Only 1 Owner.....a little old lady only use him once a week...Camel for sale....