Monday, April 24, 2006

Pump up the Valium

I formally offer a sincere applogy to my 3... (4 with a good tailwind) readers out there...
I realize that I have been majorly absent in keeping up my end of the bargin, whatever that is.
It would seem un-like other "artists" in the world, I have found that the key to keeping your audience stuck to the chair is: Prairie Dog Effect, which is to say...on occasion, pop my head out of the dirt, stare off into the distance, scurry a short distance from my hole & make a statement... all the while looking just cute enough to be the guy, you'd cheat with...given that second glass of cabernet.. I suppose what I am saying here is that not only do I love to randomly and lightly entertian my audience but more importantly... that my love comes in spurts... so now that you're glued back to the nagahide...I'll start loving you again...then get you a towel, then call you at 3 know the drill...

Things to know about the beach:

1. That good looking person over there has more money than you.

2. Bringing any kind of electronics is always a great idea.

3. You can get a great tan in one sitting.

4. It really is one great big ashtray, just for you.

5. The people next to you really do want to hear your music.

6. Reading the latest Grisham novel is uber cool.

7. You'll have the only picture of the horizion at sunset.

8. That thing in the sand isn't a cigar.

9. The white foam is great as a hat.

10. Sunblock is for commies.