Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So I am waiting on hour 3 of hold music..."we appreciate your time as much as you do..."
So I start stumbling around the Webernet and I decided I should be making a list, because I am bored and pissed.
Things I've noticed about the endless stream of garbage out there.

1. You are not a fucking photographer, There are enough f'ing pictures of the moon or a random building that you think is just "magical". You suck and your pictures suck. You are not going to change anyone's life with your digital masterpiece. Owing a knife does not make you a chef.

2. What the fuck is going on with all the pictures and videos of cats?

3. Faked Motivational posters are only funny the 1st time you run across them.

4. There ARE better things to do with your time. The clock is ticking peoples...

5. There are SO many fucking videos of people hurting themselves, and others that I honestly fear for the human race.

6. If you know what "peanut butter jelly time is" you have no life.

7. I hope the E-Card trend has died, the only one to appreciate is Swearbear.

8. Whats that? You're blogging about what colors you like, what you had for dinner, or that your kid took his first dump? Kill yourself.

9....opps after 1 hour 36 minutes I got a person..more hate later...